Municipal Marketing

Nearly every news day features a story of a city forced to decide between sacrificing essential services and defaulting on bond payments. No one can win with such a decision, least of all the mayors and council members who must decide.

What if there existed a third option — an opportunity to drive significant revenue through existing assets, without placing any additional burden on municipal budgets? That option does indeed exist in the form of high integrity corporate sponsorship, and with the unique Asset Assessment System from Advantage3.

The tools are at your disposal to immediately begin generating alternative revenue for your city at no end cost to your taxpayers. Your citizens deserve the same high quality of life to which they are accustomed — with Advantage3 you can help ensure that both now and for the future.


Advantage3 understands that the decision to solicit corporate sponsorship — though often necessary — can be a difficult one.

We therefore pledge to our Partner-Clients the following:

  • Brand Respect – Advantage3 will only pair your organization with sponsors that enhance your brand, never those that distract or detract from it
  • Customer as Priority – Advantage3 will not let a sponsor's agenda influence your organization; your needs are our primary concern
  • Careful Monetization – Our disciplined, creative approach will help you monetize your assets, while avoiding advertising saturation

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