School Marketing

School boards and superintendents everywhere are forced to make impossible decisions — what to cut and what to keep? Why must we pit athletics against art? Math against music?

It need not be that way. Schools in your backyard and around the country are discovering the benefits of high integrity corporate sponsorship. Advantage3 can help you identify those existing assets of potential value to companies, and pair you with sponsors whose message is appropriate for your young audience.

The current system is not working for schools, but with Advantage3 alternative revenue streams are not only possible but immediately attainable. America's students deserve every opportunity — Advantage3 can help you make this dream your reality.

And learn about our exciting new programs:

Sponsors already in place, all participants make money and revenue generation begins Day 1.

Sponsors are lining up to gain access to bus fleets, and are making significant, fleet-wide investments.

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Advantage3 understands that the decision to solicit corporate sponsorship — though often necessary — can be a difficult one.

We therefore pledge to our Partner-Clients the following:

  • Brand Respect – Advantage3 will only pair your organization with sponsors that enhance your brand, never those that distract or detract from it
  • Customer as Priority – Advantage3 will not let a sponsor's agenda influence your organization; your needs are our primary concern
  • Careful Monetization – Our disciplined, creative approach will help you monetize your assets, while avoiding advertising saturation

Visit the How it Works page to learn more.